Jane Lupo is a Certified UltimateStager™ and Re-Designer and the founder of Bella Moda Home Staging and Renovation Inc. Jane understands the psychology of the buyer and can sell the home faster with a high value. With Bella Moda’s techniques, they can transform the overall look of your home which will create a greater return on your investment.

Jane has several years of financial risk management and she understands the importance of weighing decisions that would benefit clients to their advantage. Jane owned and operated a kitchen manufacturing company in the home improvement industry for several years. She listens to clients and can easily provide consultation on colour and spacial composition.

Bella Moda Home Staging and Renovation provides a variety of services, such as home consultation and free estimate for showcasing, home staging and re-design/renovation for the new home. Bella Moda understands that clients are preoccupied by everyday living. Bella Moda offers a full service that is both reliable and trustworthy. Contact us today.