Bella Moda


This is how we have been serving our clients and how we can help you.

Our Services

Beyond the personal touch, our interior designers are highly skilled at cultivating relationships and sharing your experience with others. We want you to feel like part of the family at Bella Moda. 


This is perfect for clients who want to do-it-yourself. We will walk through the property inside and out. Upon completion, we will provide a report to the homeowners detailing room-by-room tips and recommendations specific to the home.

Full Home Staging

After conducting a thorough walkthrough of the property we will determine how to get the WOW factor. We will utilize as many pieces of furniture and decor that the client may have but in some cases will supplement with inventory or rental furniture to showcase your property and leave a WOW first impression.


We will make suggestions and recommendations on getting the sellers home de-cluttered, depersonalised and organized. This process requires us working with the sellers furniture and other items in the home. We can also provide as needed, rental accessories such as wall art, rugs, lamps, etc. Showcasing is a great alternative when there are budget restrictions.


We can help you get your new home move-in-ready. We will focus on one room, or the entire house, and make it into a beautiful and functional space that will reflect your own personal style. If you need additional items or furniture to finish the look, we can source the items you desire.

Colour Consultation

Whether you need colour advice for selling your home or living in it, we can provide the help you need to make the perfect selection.

Vacant Home Staging

An empty property is a cold uninviting space and one which buyers find difficult to envision them living in. We offer a full range of furniture and accessories to bring your vacant space to life. Once the property is viewed, a proposal is presented outlining the investment in staging.

Seasonal Decoration

We can get your home ready for the holidays so you can enjoy family time without the stress of decorating. We can use your own decorations from your collection, add in some new items or start with a clean slate. Seasonal planters are also available to impress your guests and create memorable curb appeal.

Decluttering, Organization or Moving

Every individual functions differently as so does every family. When one begins to feel overwhelmed or feels that they can’t get organized because the room no longer functions as it should, it is simply because the system in place is either not designed for you or isn’t there at all. We can assist with de-clutter, organizing, labeling, packing to move or whatever you need to get organized. Helping you bring order back in your home and your life.


We carry a wide selection of home furniture and decor. We have hand-picked the items so you can stage your house like a pro.